This page features links to US and World
webpages and search engines that will help
when researching that hard-to-find topic or
Modern US History
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Digital History
This website contains links to
primary and secondary documents
in U.S. History

Search Engines Page
This link contains a great many
search engines that can help find
topics while researching U.S
History topics.
MLA Citation Links
This website contains descriptions
and examples of how to cite
sources taken from the Internet
and for using in-text parenthetical
MLA In-Text Citations
This shows students how to
construct in-text citations for
research they include in their
research projects.  

Historical Research
and Writing Links
This website sponsored by New
York State University contains
many helpful links on how to
research, use primary and
secondary sources, how to avoid
plagiarism, and research pages.
This website contains a very good
definition of plagiarism as well as
provides examples of plagiarism.  
A solid, valuable resource for
better understanding plagiarism.  

History Matters
This site contains many primary
source documents in U.S. History
and recently declassified
documents on topics such as the
JFK Assisination and the Cuban
Missile Crisis

19th Century U.S.
History Sites
This site contains links to
hundreds of websites relating to
all kinds of topics in the U.S.
during the 1800s.  It's a good
place to begin your research

U.S. History Primary
This link is to primary sources
from the Internet Modern History
Sourcebook hosted by Fordham
University.   The link accesses a
list of primary sources about the
United States contained in this
sourcebook.  Check out the
additional links in the green
column on the left side to access
more primary source documents in
the 19th and 20th Centuries.  

Sue Pojer's
Power Point Palooza
This site contains many power
points on US History and some on
World History that mainly have
been created by Ms. Pojer for her
AP US History classes. I use some
of these from time to time in my AP
courses and also to some extent
in Modern US History and Modern
World History.  

The Inflation

This website enables you to
calculate the real value of the
dollar, adjusted for inflation, from
1800 to 2007.  For example, see
how much $100.00 in the year
1850, after inflation, is worth
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