Interactive Notebook Set-Up Instructions
Step 1: Outside Cover of Notebook

Use a black permanent marker to clearly write your first and
last name and your block on the outside cover
Step 2: First Right Side Page

This will be your notebook's Title Page.  You may include
designs related to the course content.  Also you must
the course title and Mr. Greer somewhere on this
page.  At the bottom right side number this page
Step 3: Pages 1B and 2

You will paste the two page Notebook Guidelines handout
you were given to show your parents and have them sign it

Paste the first page of the Notebook Guidelines on the
of page 1 (the left side for page 2) and the second page of
the Notebook Guidelines on page 2.  Don't forget to number
the bottom right corner of this page
Step 4: Notebook Evaluation Criteria Page

You will paste the notebook evaluation handout on the next
right side page in your notebook.  Please sign it where it
requires your signature and date it using a pen.  In the
bottom right corner number this page 3.  
Step 5: Author's Historical Page

This page is for you to display the history of  yourself: make
a timeline of your life to date and include important events in
this timeline.  Add the lyrics of a favorite song that describes
yourself.  Or you may add pictures of yourself at different
ages to show your development.  
Be creative and make it
yours. In the bottom right corner number this page 4.  
Step 6: Notebook Expectations Page

The next right side page, page 5, write Notebook
Expectations Page
at the top. Then after having read the
notebook guidelines and the notebook evaluation criteria
handouts and listened to Mr. Greer in class, write a
paragraph summary in your own words of your
understanding of the expectations for the notebook and a
second paragraph where you explain how you understand
this notebook will be evaluated.    
Step 7: Table of Contents Pages (6 -9)

Number the next 4 right side pages from 6 to 9 on the
bottom right side of each page. These are going to be your
Table of Contents pages.  On page 6 write
Table of
in bold letters at the top of that page.  Then
create a table like the example shown on the right.  You will
fill this in as you are assigned activities to complete in your
notebook throughout the year.    
Step 8: Unit 1 Title Page

The next right side page, page 10, will be your first unit title
page.  You will create a unit title page for each unit studied.  
Mr. Greer will inform you what needs to be included on this
page.  Don't forget to write page 10 on the bottom right side
of this page.