Interactive Notebook Right Side
Left Side – student input/application
  • Reorganize new information in
    creative formats
  • Express opinions and feelings
  • Explore connections to what
    has been learned
  • Apply skills learned
    (diagrams, analogies, political
Right Side – teacher input
  • Title and Unit pages
  • Unit Assignment Calendar
  • Class, reading, and
    discussion notes
  • Informative Handouts
  • Essays
  • Personal Responses
Simply put, the right side is the teacher directed side of the notebook.  This space is where students will
complete specific assignments given to them by the teacher.  There are a few guidelines that students should
follow when completing right side assignments.

1.  Title and unit pages begin a unit of study.  These pages are designed by the student to visually illustrate
some of the themes, people, events that will be considered in that unit.  Left sides are not required for these.  
All assignments for that given unit must occur after the unit page.

2.  Each right side page should contain (
1) the date in which it was assigned in the upper right hand corner, (2)
the title of the assignment centered on the first line ("Reading Notes pgs 244-249" for example) and (
3) be
sequentially numbered in the lower right corner of the page.  Refer to the Notebook Set Up page to learn on
which page to begin numbering each right side page.  

3.  If there is no more space to record notes or finish an essay on a right side page, continue taking notes or
writing the essay on the very next RIGHT SIDE page.  Do not turn the right side page over and continue taking
notes on the back left side.  Because the notes were assigned by the teacher, they must be taken/recorded
only on right side pages of the notebook.  

4.  Students that were absent for a class need to consult a classmate or the teacher to find out what was
missed.  The teacher will not "hunt them down" to tell them what was missed.  

5.  Notebook assignments are completed in chronological order.  
Sample Unit Page