Interactive Notebook Assessment
When are notebooks usually checked?
Notebook checks are unannounced and occur randomly at any time.  Usually they are checked about two times a
quarter but not always.   The number of points to be earned vary on the number of assignments that have been
completed prior to the check.  

What if a student has forgotten to bring their notebook on the day of a random check?
If a student has forgotten to bring their notebook for that particular class when a notebook check is
announced, they may bring it by the very next calendar day, but 25% will be deducted from their notebook
score for that check.  If the notebook is brought the next time the class meets (two calendar days later), 50%
will be deducted from the overall score for that check.  After two calendar days, there is no score for that
notebook check.   

If a student has misplaced or lost their notebook, they should inform Mr. Greer IMMEDIATELY.  See the
Notebook set up page for more guidance in this situation.  A student having a lost notebook on the day of a
random check will still be held accountable for the deductions mentioned in the previous paragraph.  

How does the notebook check impact a student's overall average in the class in a quarter?  
In my classroom there are 4 categories of work that make up the overall grade for each quarter.  Notebook marks are
grouped with essays to comprise 30% of a student's overall average.  Importantly, the interactive notebook provides a
non-traditional, differentiated assessment for this category.  

It is important to note the test grade the notebook check comprises, when looking at the actual notebook rubric, is a
completion “test” of all right and left side activities.  And, students have choice in how they complete the left sides.  As
long as their left sides demonstrate application of content, relationships, skills learned, “are more” than become a simple
repetition of the information contained on the right side of the notebook and follow the guidelines specified for left sides,
they earn full credit.  Therefore, the notebook check evaluation criteria are based mostly on completion and following
directions (format for note-taking, locating items in chronological order, answering all questions posed on the right side).  

Items that will cause deductions in a student's overall notebook evaluation grade:
Right Sides:
1.  Missing dates, titles of assignments, page numbers, assignments.
2.  Assignments done out of order.
3.  Incomplete assignment or notes taken.
4.  Unit pages are missing some or all of the required information ("Unit #" and title of unit) for the page.

Left Sides:
1.  Missing left sides for any right side page.
2.  Missing MLA citation for non-student created images or text.
3.  Purpose of left side is unclear.
4.  More than 2 of the same left side activity were done for a given unit.  

1.  Table of contents is not kept up to date and or not in chronological order.  
2.  The Notebook instructional handout is not pasted on the back of the title page and the next right side page.  
3.  The Notebook instructional handout has not been signed by either the student or the parent or both.
4.  The main title page is not completed.  
5.  Notebook is not submitted on time when a notebook check is done.