Course Syllabus '11-'12
Dialectical Note Taking Instructions
Note-Taking Strategies Packet
Argumentative Essay Rubric
Comparative/Change Over Time
Essay Rubric
Homework Guidelines '11-'12
Binder Check Rubric '11-'12
Essay Rewrite Guidelines
Historical Writing in U.S. History
Written Discussion Guidelines
Red Pen Revision Guidelines
This is United States History
starting in 1877 and continuing to
the present.  Students will study the
modern history of the US with focus
on the 20th Century.  As well,
development of historical writing,
analysis, and argumentation will be
emphasized.  For questions about
the interactive notebook, view the
links above (below the masthead).  
Unit Homework Calendars
Unit 1: Industrialization and Growth
Unit 2:Gilded and Progressive Ages
Unit 3: Imperialism and War
revised 9 Dec 2011
Unit 4: The 20s and 30s
revised 23 February
Unit 5: Hot and Cold War
Unit 6: Civil Rights and Modern
This Week in Modern US History
3-7 June 2012
This week students will take their Second Semester Exam  
on Monday, 4 June 2012, during your student's block that

Students should also please check PowerSchool to ensure
that all their work has been included in their 4th quarter

Good luck!
Modern United States History
1877 to the present
Fall Semester 2011
Unit 1 Documents
5 Significant Events Pre 1877 Chart
Industrial Age Resume Project
Sample Resume A
Sample Resume B
Sample Resume C
Sample Chronological Resume
with Comments
5 Events in U.S. History WS
Unit 1 Comparative Chart
Rise of Labor Unions Chart
Big Business Chart
Student Sample
Argumentative Essay
Essay Outline Activity
Student Sample Argumentative
Essay with comments
Unit 2 Documents
Credit Mobilier Reading
Whisky Ring Scandal Video
Political Cartoon WS
Political Machines WS
Thomas Nast Cartoon WS
APPARTS Child Labor WS
Muckrakers Project
Corruption Essay Assignment
Progressive Era Video Notes WS
Progressive Era Refoms WS (2pgs)
Presidential Reform Triad Debates
Reforms Charts WS
Federal Level Reforms WS
Unit 3 Documents
Territorial Acquisition Project
APPARTS Washington Reading
White Man's Burden WS
Zimmerman Note WS
Blank World Map
Post WW1 Developments WS
Semester Exam Review Chart
Semester Exam Overview WS
Unit 3 Review Chart
Semester Exam Unit 1 Review
Semester Exam Unit 2 Review
Semester Exam Unit 3 Review
American Anthem eBook Website
Directions for Logging On to the eBook
Spring Semester 2012
Unit 4 Documents
Unit 4 Overview
Presidential Review Chart
Cause and Effect Review Chart
Causes of the Great Depression WS
Unit 5 Documents
Unit 5 Overview
US Regional Containment WS
WW 2 on the Homefront WS
Cold War Containment Notes
from Presentations
Reagan and the Russians Reading
Cold War Timeline '75-'91
Unit 6 Documents
Unit 6 Overview
Unit 6 Essay Outline Activity
Presidents' Project
Civil Rights Leaders Chart
Mississippi Burning Film Critique
Native American Timeline Activity
Feminist Movement Timeline
and Questions
Spring Semester Exam Overview
Spring Semester Exam 2012
Letter to Parents
Unit 4 Semester Exam Review
Unit 5 Semester Exam Review
Unit 6 Semester Exam Review
Research Paper Project
Paper Project Packet '11-'12
Research Paper Rubric
Student/Parent Signature WS
Creating a Research Proposal
Topic Selection WS
Research Summary WS
When Researching in the Library
Primary vs Secondary Sources
Explained WS
Sample Research Paper Exemplar
with comments
What is Plagurism?
In-Text Citation Guide from
Purdue OWL Website
2nd Draft Contuniunty Test WS