This strategy helps students compare
different socieities such as in World
This strategy also helps students
compare different socieities such as in
World History.   
This strategy helps students analyise
visual documents such as political
cartoons or works of art.  
This strategy helps students analyise
primary and secondary source
This strategy helps students read and
process a chapter in their text.  This a
pdf document so you will need
Reader to view it.  
This strategy, like APPARTS helps
students develop critical reading for
document analysis
This page will feature links to strategies
for studying for exams, taking notes,
organizational skills, and more.  Most of
the links are Word documents or PDF
files. Good Luck!  
Additional Strategies for Success
How to Improve in History Class

Virginia Tech's Study Skills Center
This link takes students to that university's
web portal for self-help in the areas of test
preparation and in taking notes.  

Columbia University's
Study Skills Website
This website contains many suggestions for
students seeking help as well as links to
other helpful university sites.

College Board's Advanced Placement
Study Suggestions
The College Board's website contains
suggestions for students to further their
preparation for the rigorous course work
involved in AP classes.
For further information about improving
study skills consult these websites:
Strategies For Success:
Study Skills
Note-Taking Strategies
Cornell Note-Taking Method
Mind-Mapping Note Taking Method
Charting, Outlining, and Sentence
Methods of Note Taking