I am readily available to provide you and your student with
information on their progress and or to address any
questions or concerns.  There are a number of ways in
which to contact me: electronic mail, in-person, through
the HS/MS Recetpionist, and by written note in your
student's agenda.
In-Person (preferred):
  • Students may see me between 7:30 and 8:00am and
    from 3:10 to 4:00pm during the week.
  • Parents are welcome to arrange a time to meet after
Email (preferred):
  • lgreer@acsamman.edu.jo
By Telephone:
  • Reception - Mrs Alia    + 962-6-581-3944
A Note in Student Agenda:
  • Please write a message in the student agenda and
    please sign it (parent)
Contact Mr. Greer