AP World History is a rigorous, full-year
college-level survey course designed to prepare
students to take the AP World History exam.

Syllabus for 2011-2012

Course Textbook:
Traditions and Encounters, 4th Edition

College Board:
AP World History

AP World Summer Reading Assignments for
2011-2012 Students
Charts and Activities
Change Analysis Chart
Change Analysis Chart Example
Critical Book Review Assignment
Zones of Interaction
Comparative Chart
Early Civilizations Chart
New Early Societies Chart
Current Event Activity
Exam Vocabulary Review '11-'12
AP World History
Essay Center
AP WH Comparative Essay
Generic Comparative Essay
Generic DBQ Essay Rubric
Generic Change Over Time
Essay Rubric
AP Essay Correlation Grades
Comparative Societies
Classifying Characteristics WS
Essay Rewrite Guidelines
AP World Homework
Unit 1: 8,000 BCE to 500 BCE
Unit 2: 600 BCE to 600 CE
Unit 3: 600 CE to 1450 CE
Unit 4: 1450 CE to 1750 CE
Unit 5: 1750 CE to 1914 CE
revised 4 March
Unit 6: 1914 CE to the Present
Advanced Placement
World History
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AP Credit Policy Information
Unit 2 Documents
Spread of World Religions
Bentley in Reily I
Conrad-Demarest Model
of Empire
Antigone Reading
in Sherman Vol 1
Andrea 1 Reading on
Confucius, Daoism, and
Rome: First Imperial City
Reading in Kotkin's
The City
ASPIRE Classical Empires
Chinese Philosophies Debate
Empire Model PPT
Wolf 1 Reading pgs 15-23
Women in the Classical Era
in Reilly 1 pgs 156-163
Unit 3 Documents
Sherman Vol #1 pgs 73-78
Southernization Reading
Zheng He Voyages Map
Unit 4 Documents
Patterns of Trade DBQ
Pomeranz pg 149-151
Wolf Vol. 2 He and
Pomeranz  pgs 135-138
Pomeranz pgs 151-154
Sherman Vol. 2 pgs 49-50
Unit 5 Documents
Industrialization Packet
Revolution Packet
Imperialsim Readings Questions
Imperialism Readings (PDF)
Brinton's Revolutions Model
Comparative Revolutions Chart
Reilly Vol 2 pgs 252-259
Pomeranz pgs 226-233
Pomeranz pgs 242-243
Andrea Vol 2 pgs 277-285
Unit 6 Documents
Exam Vocab Review File
Unit 6 Big Ideas PPT
Film Critique Assignment
Unit 1 Documents
Reilly Vol. 1 "Periodization"
Sherman Vol. 1 pgs  16-18
Human Web Ch 1
Guns, Germs, Steel Viewing
Human Web Ch 2
Sherman Vol. 1 pgs 9 -11
Foundational Civilizatons Chart