AP US History is a rigorous, full-year
college-level survey course designed to
prepare students to take the AP US
History exam.    

Course Syllabus: 2011-2012

Course Textbook: The American Pageant

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AP US History
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Unit 1: Founding a New Nation, 1607-1776  

Unit 2: Building a New Nation, 1776-1824  

Unit 3: Jacksonian Democracy, 1824-1860  

Unit 4: Testing a New Nation, 1820-1870  revised 17 Dec 11

Unit 5: Forging an Industrial Society, 1869-1909  

Unit 6: Struggling for Justice at Home and Abroad, 1901-1945
revised 5 March

Unit 7: Making Modern America, 1945 to the Present
revised 22 March
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United States History
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Presidential Debate Research Links
The Times (UK) Article
C-SPAN Historian Presidential Survey
Challenge of Sovereignty WS
Balancing Competing Interests WS
Tariff of 1816 Document Analysis
Unit 3 Documents
Unit 3 Vocabulary
Jackson Categorization WS
Unit 4 Documents
Unit 4 Vocabulary
Slavery Statistics and Questions
Sectional Representation Project
Gag Rule WS
Westward Expansion WS
1850 Annotated Timeline WS
Wisconsin State Supreme
Ruling, 1854
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Territorial Expansion Project
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